Container Facilities

Handico Terminals operates 2 containerdepots in the Port of Antwerp, one at the Right Bank and another one at the Left Bank.

In order to offer our clients a waterconnection, which is strategically of vital importance, Handico Terminals moved in February 2017 its depot/repair activities to a larger site (circa 11 ha) at the Delwaidedock (Right Bank). (See Press release in Dutch)

At both locations Handico Terminals stores and repairs empty containers and reefers for account of various shipping lines and leasing companies.

Highly qualified reefer-technicians and well-trained, experienced box-repairers guarantee a first class service to all customers, considering their individual needs and requirements.  Dedicated staff is also assigned to fit flexitanks into 20' standard containers.

The operations are supported by our in-house developed software-program 'DECOMA' which covers tailor-made, gate-moves, estimates, reporting, invoicing and statistical info.

Handico Terminals also deploys a number of mobile teams which perform repairs at other locations within the Port of Antwerp, at other ports (Ghent, Zeebrugge) and also at various inland depots (Meerhout, Willebroek) in Belgium.

Besides our depot and repair activities, we also own a number of box and reefer-containers which can be hired for a short- or longer term period, and we buy and sell new or second hand containers, which can also be modified on a tailor-made basis.

Handico Terminals

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